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        FireHOL Service Index

        Below is the list of FireHOL supported services. You can create new services and overwrite all of the existing ones (including those marked as complex). See the Adding Services Guide.

        A B C D
        AH, all, amanda, any, anystateless, apcupsd, apcupsdnis, aptproxy, asterisk None cups, custom, cvspserver darkstat, daytime, dcc, dcpp, dhcp, dhcprelay, dhcpv6, dict, distcc, dns
        E F G H
        echo, emule, eserver, ESP finger, ftp gift, giftui, gkrellmd, GRE h323, heartbeat, http, httpalt, https, hylafax
        I J K L
        iax, iax2, ICMP, icmp, ICMPV6, icmpv6, icp, ident, imap, imaps, ipsecnatt, ipv6error, ipv6mld, ipv6neigh, ipv6router, irc, isakmp jabber, jabberd None l2tp, ldap, ldaps, lpd
        M N O P
        microsoft ds, mms, msn, msnp, ms ds, multicast, mysql netbackup, netbios dgm, netbios ns, netbios ssn, nfs, nis, nntp, nntps, nrpe, ntp, nut, nxserver openvpn, oracle, OSPF ping, pop3, pop3s, portmap, postgres, pptp, privoxy
        Q R S T
        None radius, radiusold, radiusoldproxy, radiusproxy, rdp, rndc, rsync, rtp samba, sane, sip, smtp, smtps, snmp, snmptrap, socks, squid, ssh, stun, submission, sunrpc, swat, syslog telnet, tftp, time, timestamp, tomcat
        U V W X
        upnp, uucp vmware, vmwareauth, vmwareweb, vnc webcache, webmin, whois xbox, xdmcp
        Y Z
        None None

        If you find an incorrect or missing definition, please report it so that it can be resolved for all users.